How to Pitch Prospects on LinkedIn

Ever felt salesy or spammy when pitching prospects on LinkedIn? There is so much competition on the platform that it can feel impossible to figure out how to stand out and offer value.  But it’s worth it. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for finding B2B leads in almost any sector, and because it’s … Continued

LinkedIn Honors and Awards Section: What You Should Know

When a B2B buyer is considering a purchase, they only spend around 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers. The rest of the time they spend doing independent research.  If a buyer is considering your company as a potential partner, are they going to be impressed with your LinkedIn profile or underwhelmed with the … Continued

LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

There are over three million company pages listed on LinkedIn, and these have millions of followers. From potential customers to job candidates, people rely on company pages to learn more about brands and figure out who they want to do business with.  If you don’t already have a LinkedIn company page, you’re missing a huge … Continued

Using LinkedIn Trending for Lead Generation

There is something gratifying about seeing that notification pop up on your LinkedIn that says, “congrats, your post is trending”.  Knowing that your content is useful and getting followers talking is great. But it’s also an opportunity to improve your LinkedIn lead gen efforts.  That said, it’s not easy to get your content trending on … Continued

LinkedIn Autoresponder: How & Why Set it Up

If you spend a few days away from your LinkedIn account, only to come back to an inbox full of direct messages you’ve ignored, you’re missing a trick.  Potential prospects expect almost instant replies to inquiries now, especially in the B2B sector.  But you can’t be active on LinkedIn all hours of the day, so … Continued

How to Use the LinkedIn “People Also Viewed” Feature for Lead Generation

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to instantly find similar users on LinkedIn when you come across the perfect lead? There actually is – it’s just a very underused feature.  LinkedIn’s “People Also Viewed” feature is an easy way to find similar leads to the one you’ve just found in your research … Continued

What is Interesting View on LinkedIn?

With a LinkedIn premium account, you’ve always been able to see exactly who has viewed your profile. And marketers have used this feature for years to help B2B businesses expand their networks.  But the LinkedIn interesting view feature takes this to another level. Now, you get a curated list of the best people that have … Continued

Why You Should Keep Your LinkedIn Outreach Going Over The Holidays

It’s that time of year again where business slows down, outreach campaigns are put on pause, and business owners start to refocus on next year.  But not all businesses are slowing down at the end of the year. In fact, many are taking advantage of this time to secure more leads – and they’re doing … Continued

LinkedIn Limits and The Impact on Your Outreach Campaigns

If you’ve been paying attention to LinkedIn updates over the past few months, you’ve probably seen the new LinkedIn limit on the number of invites per week you can send.  Although many B2B businesses have been panicked by this update and worry it will stunt their outreach campaigns, it’s actually a positive change.  But only … Continued

LinkedIn Hashtags: Boosting Lead Gen and Optimizing Your Profile

If you’re posting status updates and articles on your LinkedIn business page without hashtags, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to grow your network, increase brand awareness, and boost your lead gen efforts.  Simply tagging your content with relevant hashtags helps new audiences find your content – audiences that wouldn’t know who you are … Continued