15 Copy and Paste LinkedIn Templates to Generate Leads

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Learn about Zopto's suggestions for Linkedin Saved Searches, which includes tagging and integrations.

We’ve all been there: You plug in filters, execute your search and yield an awesome results page. But what happens when you exit out of that search and want to revisit your perfect results again? That’s where the beauty of saved searches on Sales Navigator comes in.

Why save searches and tag leads?

Time is precious; I don’t need to tell you that twice. Chances are if you’re on Sales Navigator, you’re eager to find the best leads, establish contact with them and spend the least amount of time doing so. With saved searches and the option to tag leads, you leave a foot in the door on your filtered searches and potential leads. You can then return and stay updated on your prospects. The best part? You even get notified when new results match your criteria or when potential leads have new updates, so you’re always keeping your best foot forward.

LinkedIn Navigator saved searches

What’s that? You want to be notified of new results while you get your beauty sleep? Ah, that’s what I love to hear. Let’s dive in and uncover the steps behind saving your searches!

  • From your main Sales Navigator page, you have the option to click “advanced search” which will allow you to choose between a search for leads and a search for accounts (which we’ll dive into later).
  • Once you choose which type of search you want to conduct, you’ll see a pop-up with your filters. Yup, go ahead and be picky with what you want!
  • You’ve chosen your filters, you feel good, and are ready to click “search.”
  • Search and see your results pop up.
  • Pro-tip: If you scroll through your results and instantly catch some that don’t fit what you are looking for, bring in that Boolean search knowledge.
  • If you are happy with your results, go ahead and click “save search” at the very top. Give it a name that helps you remember what the search entails, choose how frequently you want alerts, and click the green checkmark.

How to create lead lists

You learned how to save a search but how do you create a lead list? Easy. Let’s go through it together.

  • For simplicity, let’s use the “saved search” you created— and if you didn’t, here is a great opportunity to practice.
  • You’re looking at your results. As you can see, each result has a “save” button on the right hand side, with the option to tag them. (We’ll address this momentarily).
  • Go ahead and checkmark every result that piques your interest. You have the option to select all or choose one at a time.
  • At the very top, you’ll see the words “save to list.” Once you click that, you’ll have the option to either create a new lead list or save to an existing list. Your call here.
  • You want to create a new one? Okay, great. You’ll see a pop up box asking you to name the list. Be as specific as you want, maybe you want to have this list strictly for leads that are senior vice presidents.
  • And they’re saved. Don’t forget to check off how often you want to be alerted.
  • But let’s say that tomorrow you decide you want to go into your lead list and see what’s new. At the very top of your page, you will see “lists.” From the drop-down menu, click “lead lists.”
  • Here you’ll see all of your lists. Click on any list and you’ll see your saved leads. The beauty of this list is that you’ll have access to tabs that show recent updates.

Pro-tip: We know that Sales Navigator offers some incredible tools. So if you want to dive in a little bit more, when you’re on the “lead lists” page, click “my saved leads.” From the sidebar, choose “custom lists: leads”... Here you’ll see all of your saved leads, and have the option to tag them, filter them, move them around to other lists. Mind blown? I sure hope so!

How to use tags for a CRM solution

#Let’sTag. Okay, let’s dive in on how to use tags. But before we do, what is a tag? Why should we tag? Well, you’re saving leads to lists, and will soon be tagging them, all with one goal: To stay organized.

  • Go to your “lead lists” and pick the list you want to work with. You should now be looking at all of your saved leads.
  • Let’s click a lead.
  • This should open their profile up, and under “education,” you will see a “+ add tag.”
  • Clicking that will give you a drop-down box, where you can create tags as you see fit. We’ll go over a few suggestions shortly, but now you know where this takes place. Hit “apply.”
  • Under “my saved leads,” you guessed what you can do: Filter your leads based on tags. Since we’ll be focusing on the use of tags to help you organize where your leads are in the CRM process, this extra filter will help you stay organized and on top of the process.

Tagging suggestions

I feel the need to stress this: You can tag a lead so that you know where they are at in the CRM process. Sure, you can also add other tags that seem more logical for your process. But let’s focus on utilizing tags for CRM purposes alone.

Here are some potential tags you can use:

  • Connection requisition sent: You’ve sent a request to these potential leads, you’re waiting to hear back.
  • Connection accepted, conversation started: You’ve engaged with these leads. An InMail has been sent, the ice has been broken.
  • Meeting scheduled: You’re set to meet with your lead.
  • Meeting complete: This tag shows you all the leads that you’ve met with, done and done.
  • Closed: As simple as it sounds, you closed in on these leads. They have completed every step.

Bottom line

C’mon, you can go ahead and smirk. It’s like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I hope that I’ve highlighted just how monumental these tools on Sales Navigator are. Saving your searches and tagging your leads allows you to not only remain organized and on top of it, but gives you the opportunity to spend less time worrying and more time connecting.

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