15 Copy and Paste LinkedIn Templates to Generate Leads

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Now that you know what the LinkedIn headline is, let's get into how to create one.

Your header is one of the essential parts of your LinkedIn profile. It's one of the first things people see. Think of it as a hook. If it captures your audience's attention, it will make them want to scroll down and learn more about you and your background. Now, that's what we want.

What is the LinkedIn Header?

I know what you're thinking, "My header as my hook? What even is a header?" It might sound overwhelming, but I'm here to walk you through it. Let's unpack precisely what the LinkedIn header is.

The header is what sits at the very top of your profile. It houses your picture, a summary (120 characters or less, but we'll get to that), and a few other highlights such as current position and education. Think of it as a digital elevator pitch.

Writing your headline

Remember that part about your header being a digital elevator pitch? This is your chance to shine in 120 characters or less. While that might sound intimidating, here are a few tips to take the weight off your shoulders:

  • Simplicity is best: Show who you are and why you would be an asset to the team but keep it simple. There's no need for gaudy verbiage. See what I did there? Keep it genuine!
  • Know your value: Yes, your title is essential, but so is showing what you have to offer and can bring to the position. This is your chance to stand out.
  • Remember your audience: Write your headline with your ideal audience in mind. Whom are you speaking to, and what do you want them to take away?

Common LinkedIn header mistakes to watch for

While there is no one right way to write your header, a few things should be avoided.

  • Default headline: Don't leave a potential customer with the choice of not scrolling down. You want to pique their interest and include more than just your title in the headline.
  • Overusing jargon: Using terminology that only those in your field know hinders your chances to make more connections.

How to approach your LinkedIn header

Okay, you understand the importance of the header and feel ready to tackle it. But where do you begin? Keep these four pointers in mind:

  • Know your audience and whom you're speaking to: Avoid using industry-specific terms and jargon that limit who sees your profile. Remember, simplicity. For example, others in real estate might understand that RLTC means Real Estate Tour Coordinator, but others might not. Please keep it simple.
  • Know your worth and what you have to offer: State your accomplishments and how you have impacted your current position. Summarize key awards or use metrics to back up your claims.
  • Easy on the exaggerations: Let's be honest, I'm sure your family thinks you're the best in your position, but they're not the only ones reading your LinkedIn header (hopefully). Remain humble and stray away from using exaggerated terms; it will earn you more respect in the long run.
Bonus section

Choosing your photo

Ah, we've all been there. What's that old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Here's your chance to 'wow' them, professionally, of course. I'm afraid that photo of you tanning on the beach is not going to do it. So, what will?

  • All in the eyes: Looking into the camera comes across as confident and creates a direct connection to your viewer. It's been argued that it even goes as far as dissolving that fourth wall separating you from your audience.
  • Smile: A natural smile makes you warm, inviting, and more approachable.
  • Clean background: Palm trees, your car, dirty laundry, and yes, even your dog are big no-nos. A clean background makes you look professional, so think of a plain wall, backdrop, or even a solid curtain.

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