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Zopto is fantastic! We were used to running up against LinkedIn's limitations, and that was seriously affecting our ability to do our jobs and to get the word out about our clients. With Zopto, we are able to easily manage our outreach without having to worry about breaching LinkedIn's terms and conditions. It allows us to scale up and automate and ultimately made the work that we were doing on LinkedIn much more efficient.
Nofar Sinai
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Customer story

Vikki was founded back in 2013 by a team of people who are passionate about science and technology. Their original goal was to turn all of the world’s academic research into engaging animations to make research more accessible. Even though this goal has changed somewhat throughout the years, they’ve been able to serve hundreds of startups, tech companies, leading universities and NGOs, helping them to spread their knowledge and make the world a better place.

The challenges Vikki are facing

Vikki’s mission is all about sharing information and knowledge, and so their main challenge was finding innovative ways of spreading this information. With several different target audiences, they effectively act as the middleman between their clients and the end users. They needed a new way of reaching people and were in the market for a powerful tool that could take their clients’ knowledge and help them to spread it.

Why Zopto?

Zopto made sense because it was able to help them to supercharge their clients’ content and to reach more people with it. The goal was to further spread the academic research and knowledge that their clients were creating, and Zopto made it easy for them to push that out to people on LinkedIn. It was also much more effective than LinkedIn’s inbuilt advertising tools or traditional approaches to outreach.

Vikki’s growth and how Zopto plays a role

Vikki uses Zopto to effectively manage their LinkedIn campaigns. It essentially acted as an important marketing tool that sat alongside other tools in their toolkit and allowed them to reach more people with their clients’ messages. This benefited both Vikki and their clients, helping to create an ecosystem in which each different party could grow, including Zopto. It’s a great example of a campaign with only positive outcomes, making Zopto a no-brainer for Vikki’s marketing team.