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We’re satisfied with this product and would recommend it. There are probably industries, departments and countries that are easier to reach through this method than through any other method. It seems to work particularly well in North-America, Europe and the APAC region and is a great way to help me to grow my network and to find potential leads. It also saves me time because it runs in the background during specific time zones and at certain times of day. Plus the graphs are easy to understand so you can see which campaign is giving better results, and it’s fully accepted by and compliant with LinkedIn!
Charlie Baratta
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Customer story

Based in Long Island, New York, Prime Marketing Source is a full-service digital marketing company that prides itself on its results-driven solutions and measurable outcomes. By empowering their clients to better spread their message online, they form symbiotic relationships in which everyone benefits, including the customer.

The company’s mission is simple: to help their clients to achieve success in whichever industry they work in. Their cutting edge marketing solutions enable their clients to stay ahead of the competition even in a digital arena in which best practices seem to change every other day.

The challenges Prime Marketing Source are facing

The biggest challenge that Prime Marketing Source had was to find a sustainable source of LinkedIn leads for their company, with the secondary goal of finding a tool that could also enhance the service that they provide to their own clients and customers. It was also vital to find a tool that allowed a granular level of targeting so that they could reach different target audiences with different messages. Automation and a short learning curve were also desirable so that Prime Marketing Source could quickly start achieving results.

Why Zopto?

Zopto’s Cloud Automation Tool fitted Prime Marketing Source’s needs perfectly and was also within budget. It enabled the company to establish their own reliable source of inbound leads from LinkedIn, and it also enabled them to set up different campaigns for different clients.

This versatility and the ability to run multiple campaigns, along with the automation tools and the affordable price, made Zopto the obvious choice. It’s taken some of the pressure off Prime Marketing Source and freed up employee time to focus on servicing clients instead of working on the agency itself.

Prime Marketing Source’s growth and how Zopto plays a role

With Zopto in place, Prime Marketing Source has been able to streamline the LinkedIn lead generation process for both itself and for its clients. Its automation meant that they were able to “set it and forget it”, trusting in the tool to monitor results and to carry out tweaks as necessary. With employees’ time freed up to work on other areas, they can generate better results for each of their clients while simultaneously operating more profitably. Zopto provides efficiency and acts like throwing gasoline on to a fire, especially with Prime Marketing Source’s existing internal marketing expertise.