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Compared to the huge amount of value and the time savings that it provides, the downsides of Zopto are few and miniscule. Zopto is great about having an account rep walk you through the initial setup and after that it’s easy enough to figure out with a little bit of tinkering. It’s enabled us to carry out dramatic improvements to our business and ultimately to become a more streamlined and effective company.
Julia Shapiro
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Customer story

Hire an Esquire aims to disrupt a traditional industry by making legal staffing simpler and more accessible than ever before. In the same way that Airbnb acts as a middleman between property owners and holidaymakers, Hire an Esquire bridges the gap between law firms, legal departments and legal talent. It’s the go-to place when you need to hire legal specialists.

Founded in 2011, the company has been an ongoing innovator and disruptor, reinventing legal staffing through the use of their own proprietary platform. As of 2020, they’ve grown to 14 employees in four offices, with a network of 12,000+ legal professionals.

The challenges Hire an Esquire are facing

Like most companies, Hire an Esquire was faced with the challenge of finding a way to increase the number of leads that they were bringing in without sacrificing on quality. At the same time, because they work within the legal industry, they needed a provider which could help to keep them in full compliance with all of the relevant laws and regulations. The search was on for a powerful lead generation tool which could help them to pull leads from a pool of potential customers while still giving Hire an Esquire full control over their messaging.

Why Zopto?

The team at Hire An Esquire picked Zopto because, in their own words, “This software is amazing at helping to narrow down and target the correct leads and follow up easily. One seat on this software has yielded more results and appointments than a team of 2-3 SDRs working 10-15 hours a week without it. It drastically reduces the time spent researching leads while ensuring uniform, consistent targeting.”

Hire an Esquire’s growth and how Zopto plays a role

Zopto played an important role in Esquire’s growth by allowing them to level up their LinkedIn marketing and to reach out to potential prospects in large volumes. It also streamlined their lead generation process and delivered greater results than a small team working without it. The high level of control that it gave to them allowed them to customise their outreach programmes and to make sure that their messaging was as relevant as possible. This made it quickly become a must-have tool at the company, and one which is used by various different departments.