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We’re satisfied with this product and would recommend it. There are probably industries, departments and countries that are easier to reach through this method than through any other method. It seems to work particularly well in North-America, Europe and the APAC region and is a great way to help me to grow my network and to find potential leads. It also saves me time because it runs in the background during specific time zones and at certain times of day. Plus the graphs are easy to understand so you can see which campaign is giving better results, and it’s fully accepted by and compliant with LinkedIn!
Iryna Prokop
Sales Manager
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Customer story

API2Cart specialises in offering easy shopping cart integration using just a single API to connect customers with over 40 different eCommerce platforms. This allows users to benefit from access to different platforms without overwhelming them with technical information.

The service makes it possible for customers to retrieve and work with a wide range of data types including products, orders, categories, customers, abandoned orders, shipments, taxes and more.

Moreover, the usage of API2Cart helps to forget about maintenance and shopping cart versions updates.

The challenges API2Cart are facing

API2Cart has an impressive client-base with names including Veeqo, Dotdigital, Webinterpret, and DataFeedWatch and has already proceed more than 2.3 billion API requests, but while all growth is good, they also acknowledged that they could grow faster. They needed a tool that they could use to augment their marketing efforts and to bring in more customers. That’s where Zopto came in.

Why Zopto?

API2Cart was looking for an affordable solution which could help them to dramatically improve their marketing efforts. Unlike some Zopto users, who are either marketing agencies or companies with large internal marketing teams, API2Cart is heavily focussed on building and deploying great eCommerce tools. That doesn’t leave much time for them to reach out to new customers and to introduce them to their eCommerce solution.

That’s why they turned to Zopto. It allowed them to easily create and deploy different LinkedIn advertisements to reach out to their target audiences and to introduce them to the service that API2Cart provides. This in turn helped them to continue to grow their company while focussing on what they do best: building unified eCommerce API.

API2Cart’s growth and how Zopto plays a role

Because API2Cart specialises in eCommerce integration and not in marketing, they needed something that could help them to grow their company without requiring huge amounts of existing in-house marketing expertise. Zopto allowed them to build powerful LinkedIn advertising campaigns to build their business and to take on new clients without needing to hire a full-service marketing agency and incurring huge additional costs.