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The biggest pro of Zopto is that it exists in the first place. It’s a brilliant tool that’s a real time-saver, and while there are a few glitches here and there, it’s also a new tool that’s still being developed and improved. On the rare occasions where we’ve had problems, the customer support has been fantastic, so no real issues. We’ve had a very positive experience so far, and we’re looking forward to seeing the new features that keep on rolling out.
Alex Faiers
Founding Director
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Customer story

Established in 1998, Addictivity is a London-based web design and digital marketing agency that specialises in bringing together web design, web development and digital marketing. Their goal is to reduce some of the frustrations of growing a business by taking care of digital marketing, from creating a strategy to deploying it and starting to grow a community around the brand.

With clients ranging from Cobalt Recruitment and London South Bank University to Derren Brown, the RAC and Hitachi, Addictivity is able to harness a range of different disciplines to offer their clients a one-stop, full-service digital marketing agency.

The challenges Addictivity are facing

Everything that Addictivity does is inherently measurable, which is one of the reasons why they go out of their way to determine the ROI of their clients’ websites. However, the same is true of their digital marketing approach, and they knew from the metrics that they needed to improve the performance of their LinkedIn advertising campaigns. They were soon on the market for a new tool that could help them, and this search led them straight to Zopto.

Why Zopto?

Addictivity already had plenty of experience in the field of digital marketing and digital advertising, and that meant that they also knew where there was room for them to drive new efficiencies. That’s why they turned their attention to Zopto LinkedIn Automation – they needed a more efficient way to carry out social advertising on LinkedIn, a key source of leads for both Zopto and for the clients that it services.

Because Zopto is intuitive and easy to pick up, Addictivity’s specialist marketers were able to quickly put the tool to use. Before long, they were setting up custom target audiences both for Addictivity and its customers, and this segmentation, when combined with the custom messaging from the company’s skilled copywriters, allowed them to create super targeted advertising campaigns that started delivering results just as soon as they were launched.

Addictivity’s growth and how Zopto plays a role

Addictivity was already no stranger to the power of social media marketing and digital advertising. When they started using Zopto, it was like pouring fuel onto a fire. Zopto essentially allowed Addictivity to improve the reach of their campaigns while simultaneously honing in on their target audience. But while reaching more people is all well and good, the content and the message that you deliver are just as important. Fortunately, this is an area that Addictivity specialises in, which is why Zopto was such a good fit for the company.