by Devanny | December 16, 2020

LinkedIn is more than just a social media platform that enables professionals to network within their industries and fields. It’s also a content marketing powerhouse for those who want to get noticed in a positive and meaningful way. If you want to craft a LinkedIn profile that can stand a chance against competitors, then you need to make rock-solid content a top priority.

Thankfully, these five content ideas can help you easily transform your LinkedIn profile to make your qualifications look a lot stronger and make your content more effective.

1. Zero in on visuals

“A picture is worth a thousand words” isn’t an exaggeration! Integrating visuals into your personal LinkedIn strategy should be a top priority. Zero in on visuals that feature people and include pictures that highlight who you are in your professional life. It can be even better to feature photographs of the people who are on your team at work, or accomplishments you’ve achieved together. Just be sure to steer clear of stock photos that others can easily recognize.

2. Post videos

Videos can help people who are part of your industry and field feel more connected with you. If you include a brief clip that features your face in front of the camera, that may pave the way for stronger connections with all of your LinkedIn audience. Video helps confirm to others that you’re a living, breathing human being with ideas and goals like the rest of your colleagues. Relatability is of the essence. Be sure that your videos aren’t too long; Lengthy videos run the risk of boring viewers to tears.

3. Highlight statistics to the best of your ability

It’s no secret that human beings are fascinated by stats and easily-digestible data, which is why infographics can be such a big content goldmine. If you want to shine on LinkedIn, feature accurate statistics by creating infographics with a side like Adobe Spark, Visme or Canva.

Data can help you come across as being “in the know” and can help establish you as an authority within your specific field. Go above and beyond to give your audience members access to information that’s relevant to your industry and to current headlines for optimal effect.

4. Blog on a routine basis

Blogging on LinkedIn can be a big asset for professionals who want to get ahead. If you post meaningful and detail-oriented blogs, be sure to cover topics that are actually interesting to your audience. This will help you engage members of your industry in a more effective and meaningful manner. LinkedIn blogging can do so much for professionals who want to be able to reach a higher number of readers on the platform. But be sure to remain reliable – Establish a regular posting schedule and develop a content calendar with ideas for blog topics. Consistency is key with blogging!

5. Share articles that make your audience think

Do whatever you can to jog your audiences’ minds. Your aim should be to get users fascinated by you and all that you have to offer as a professional. The last thing you want is to be forgettable. Showcase yourself by sharing intriguing articles on your profile and pose questions to your audience: “What do you think about this?” “Could you have done this better?” “How does this article make you feel?”

There are thought-leadership pieces out there for every industry. If you’re in the digital marketing industry, share a comprehensive post that delves into online reputation management. If you’re a professional who works in the culinary arts universe, then it may be a fantastic idea to share an article about the nuances of cooking using healthful and wholesome ingredients. Your aim should be to find articles from outside sources that will keep your audience intrigued.

The vast majority of professionals are enthusiastic about getting ahead. And with LinkedIn being such a powerful social networking tool, ambitious professionals should do anything they can to thrive on the platform.

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